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Queen's Knights Robotics TEam

  1. We are a close-knit, interdisciplinary group of ambitious students dedicated to creating advanced robots for the North American RoboMaster competition. Our team provides an inclusive environment for students to collaborate and explore the world of robotics. We are devoted to supporting each member, empowering them with both technical and interpersonal skills to excel in their future pursuits.


  1. To emerge as the premier robotics team at Queen’s University, providing an inclusive environment for students to build industry and research-relevant robotics skills.

  2. To become victorious in the prestigious North American RoboMaster competition.

  3. To forge a lasting community impact through meaningful outreach and education initiatives.

Daniel Ek

"We aim to make mistakes faster than anyone else"

-Daniel Ek (Spotify CEO)es.

Values & Team Culture


 Mutual respect is the cornerstone of our culture, and we encourage an environment where team members can proudly say, "My coworkers are awesome!"


Trust is paramount in our team as it enables a fear-free environment that nurtures both creativity and growth. Fear is the enemy of progress, and we strive to create an atmosphere where innovative ideas can flourish.


Our commitment to each other and the organization drives us to overcome challenges and strive for excellence, creating a collaborative and high-achieving work environment.

Failure Recovery

Embracing the philosophy of "fail fast, learn fast, and improve fast," we are dedicated to swift development and advancement. Our culture fosters a fail-friendly atmosphere, emphasizing the importance of recovering from failures rather than avoiding them altogether.

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