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Advanced Robots

In the RoboMaster Competition, teams are challenged to design and build eight robots for a dynamic paintball-like game. Each season introduces a new game, requiring teams to redesign their robots. Last season, our team created and tested the following robots.



The Infantry, a nimble ground robot, fires seventeen-millimeter pellets rapidly, proving highly vexing to opponents when controlled by a clever operator and a well-thought-out strategy.

Our Infantry Family



Philip's Prototype


The Standard



The Hero, the mightiest ground robot in the game, fires golf balls dealing tenfold damage compared to plastic pellets. Though costly and slow, it excels in attacking enemy outposts. Yet, smaller, swifter robots can corner and overpower it due to its weight and sluggishness.


The Sentry stands as the sole fully autonomous robot on the field, following a rail in front of the team’s base. Equipped with a machine learning computer vision algorithm, it utilizes onboard camera images to precisely aim and fire at enemy robots.


Despite its limited launch time in a match, the Drone can significantly alter the outcome. Being impervious to fire rate restrictions, it roams freely, wreaking havoc from above by launching projectiles and acting as the battlefield's aerial observer.

Coming soon...

IMG_1782 (1).JPG
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DJI Matrice 600


Sentry CAD

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